Detect and avoid fraudulent pages

June 5, 2021

One of the tricks hackers use to penetrate your computer is to fake pages that can penetrate your device as soon as it you click on its link in order to for open it because it contains malicious files. So, if you want to discover these pages and avoid it, you should continue reading:

Sometimes you receive links via chat, or via a specific application such as the following link:

Fake Page

On phone, the page looks like this:

Fake Page

Note that the page looks exactly like a Facebook login page but the link is different – there is a lock icon at the beginning of the link and it has a red line. This means that the site is not reliable and once you enter the information to access your account, the information will reach the hackers responsible for this page and they will be able to penetrate your account.

On phones, the page will look like this

Facebook Page

Try comparing both of the pages. And pay attention to the following differences:

  • The link at the top of the browser is different.
  • The lock in the site link box does not exist.
  • Only if both the lock and the original Facebook link are present, then the page is not forged.

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