Technology and humanity: a victorious or a collapsed future ?

May 14, 2022

When asked what the future of the human race would be in light of technology if artificial intelligence reached the level of human intelligence, the famous physicist, Stephen Hawking replied that “the greatest threat to human existence, it is like summoning demons. It will be the end of mankind.”

Technology and continuous development

Since its launch in the 1960s, the amount of scary and beautiful development in software and computing capabilities has been remarkable. Today, it is rare to find any device that has not been interfered with by smart computing systems, as it has contributed to the development of all aspects that it has entered into a remarkable development.

Big companies are battling among themselves to obtain the data produced by intelligent computing systems, as a result of the gigantic influence provided by this sector and the attendant profits from the relationship of companies that own this information, and most important of all, who will own it will own the future.

One of the problems that have emerged due to automation and the expansion of the use of artificial intelligence algorithms, is the loss of many jobs, as an example of what happened in the warehouses of the Amazon store, where tens of thousands of workers were replaced by more than 100,000 robots, which prompted Amazon to pay money to its employees for training. Get new jobs in other fields.

Technology and its uncertain future

Some believe that artificial intelligence enhances human capabilities and makes life easier and more luxurious. While others expect the opposite, as humanity’s large reliance on programmed smart devices will cause many problems in the future. The biggest danger in the eyes of this group of people is the military developments, in this field these robots can be overturned by pressing a group of loins to make them fight against you easily after they were fighting with you or hacked by criminals. This thing may make them commit many major crimes against humanity.

Humanity, in its intelligence, has created a device that is smarter than it, and this matter among people is still questionable. Is the new intelligence, stupidity or intelligence?

From its invention, computers have obtained a lot of data through which they have been able to learn many things that are hidden from the general public beyond imagination, and the matter of their possible misuse. Many of the scenarios and possibilities in this aspect do not have sufficient and satisfactory answers now, but the future has the sure answer because technology is a source of danger to humanity or will be a source of making life more luxurious and easier.