ZTE OLT Initial Configuration

ZTE OLT initial steps

In this page you’ll find step by step instructions for initial OLT configuration and for setting up the IP connectivity of the ZTE C300/C320/C350/C220 OLTs. After completing these steps, you’ll be ready to connect your OLT to OLT SmartGate.

Step one: Connect to the OLT with telnet using the default IP address. The factory IP address of any ZTE OLT is The default username is zte and the password is zte In some cases the “zte” username does not have high privileges assigned: the telnet console displays after logging in the sign “>” instead of “#“. In that case, the “enable” command will be additionally needed. The default password for “enable” is zxr10 . Connect an ethernet cable to the dedicated (out-of-band) management port of the OLT. This management port is typically labeled 10/100 or MNG. It is positioned near the CL1 or DIAG port. CL1 is the serial console port (9600-8N1). The 10/100 port is an isolated port, designed for management purposes only. This port cannot be used to transport the traffic of the customers. Configure on your PC or on the ethernet port of the Mikrotik where the OLTs’ management port is connected the IP address . Verify connectivity by pinging, you should receive replies. Then connect to the OLT.
Connected to
Escape character is ‘^]’.
Welcome to ZXAN product C320 of ZTE Corporation


Step two: Enable plug-and-play detection of the OLT boards and add the chassis type.

# For C320 OLT

conf t
set-pnp enable
add-rack rackno 1 racktype C320Rack
add-shelf rackno 1 shelfno 1 shelftype C320_SHELF

# For C300 OLT
conf t
set-pnp enable
add-rack rackno 1 racktype IEC19
add-shelf rackno 1 shelfno 1 shelftype IEC_SHELF

Verify the status of the cards using the command: show card

ZXAN# show card
Rack Shelf Slot CfgType RealType Port HardVer SoftVer Status ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 1 2 GTGH GTGHG 16 120700 V1.2.5P3 INSERVICE 1 1 3 SMXA SMXA 3 131201 V1.2.5P3 INSERVICE 1 1 4 SMXA SMXA 3 131201 V1.2.5P3 STANDBY

Step three Configure a new management IP address on the (out-of-band) mng1 interface:

conf t
interface mng1
ip address [IP] [MASK]

Reconnect to the OLT using the new IP address you assigned.

Add the default gateway and save configuration:
conf t
no ip route
ip route [IP of the GATEWAY]

Step four:
Create a dedicated username/password. This user/pass will be used between OLT SmartGate and your OLT. conf t
username smartgateusr password (enter a strong password) max-sessions 16 privilege 15

At this stage, your OLT is ready to be interconnected with OLT SmartGate system.

# Other settings (If you use OLT SmartGate, these are configured automatically, no need to configure them manually):

conf t
auto-write enable
auto-write 18:00:00 everyday
mib-compatibility iftable v2
ntp server priority 1
ntp server priority 2
ntp enable

# Optional, you can configure an “in-band” IP address on a VLAN interface. This is useful when you want to manage the OLT using the same physical interface that is used for normal traffic of the customers. We do not recommend this scenario because if a loop happens in the ONT, undetected by the ONT/OLT and the uplink port is shutdown by the uplink device as a reaction to the loop, you will lose the IP connectivity with the OLT as well.
conf t
vlan 300
interface vlan300
ip address [IP] [MASK]