Who to avoid being hacked on Telegram

June 5, 2021

Have you ever heard the Telegram hacking stories or seen leaked photos and conversations on social media? Don’t be afraid,

Have you ever heard the Telegram hacking stories or seen leaked photos and conversations on social media? Don’t be afraid, you will never be the victim on these stories if you apply two-step verification on your favorite application. Or used the application correctly to avoid being hacked. Because intrusions usually occur depending on the errors you make while using the application. Such as:

  • The hacker may persuade you to take a picture of your Telegram screen and send it to him. If you do so you’ll be given him your account on a gold plate. Because you gave him the verification code through which he can access your account easily. This method is not one of the ways of penetration as much as it’s a fraud. So do not shoot a screen and send it to anyone, even if it is one of the most trusted people of the world. Because they may be one of the victims of penetration too!
  • You may receive a message from the Telegram team asking you to send your verification code to activate a specific feature. To confirm your account or to regain control of your account after it has been compromised. Don’t fall for these messages!

How to protect your account?

There is no doubt that caution is important to avoid being hacked and protect your account. But the Telegram security team provided a feature to protect your account and it’s called two-step verification. An extra step that appears when you log on using your account. So, if someone else tries to sign in to your account using another phone he will certainly need to get the PIN code you received to complete the registration.

How to activate:

To activate 2-step verification for Telegram application please follow the instructions:

  • Go to settings.
  • Privacy and safety.
  • chose Two steps verifications.
  • Enter the secret code, and then enter it again to confirm (Note: Please save the code and do not lose it).
  • Insert a tip from the secret code (best to enter a hint that is unclear to others and is clear to you.
  • Type your e-mail address so in case you lose your password, you will be able to receive the activation message through it, and press Next.
  • You will receive this e-mail.
  • Click on the link and open it using any Internet browser.
  • After completion, you will see this page confirming the activation of two-step verification.

Now, you’ve locked your account and protected it from hacking. You can use your Telegram without being afraid of hacking. But still we recommend that you avoid talking to strangers and follow only trusted channels.