Google hacks to make your browsing easier

May 30, 2021

Google Chrome… The most famous web browser in the world

If someone asks why you love the Internet, you probably won’t take a second to reply that it’s where you spend your time browsing to find all that amazing information and entertainment. But you will certainly need more time to answer the question “What helps you access all this great content?” . There is no doubt that your computer has a role in surfing the internet, as does your mobile phone, the Internet, and its suppliers. But you will surely lose sight of the web browser.

What is a web browser?

It is a program or an application that allows you to reach visit websites and view their content easily and quickly. The first browser was created in 1991 and was called the Worldwide Web. Since then, many Internet browsers have been created with many different features, including Google Chrome browser, which dominates Internet browsing today as the most widely used browser in the world.

Google Chrome… The most famous web browser in the world

When Google decided to create Chrome, the goal was to offer a lightweight and easy-to-control browser, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a bunch of advanced cached features in the app that will make your Internet more accessible.

Browse the Internet incognito mode

The browser automatically stores all the sites you visit in the archive. But if you want more privacy, you can use “Incognito Mode” to stop your browser from registering archives and cookies
Reopen the pages you close by mistake: Click on the bar at the top of the page and selecting “Reopen Closed tab”. You can keep on clicking until you restore all closed pages, and the feature works even after you turn off and restart the device.

Search for a specific word on a page

Sometimes web pages contain long texts that you cannot read completely, especially if you have a specific topic or term you want to read about, press Ctrl + f and type the word in the search box that appears and press Enter.

Returning between pages

Sometimes it is difficult to deal with the networks that take you on a journey between multiple links, so it is difficult to return to the home page. Press the Back arrow located on the top of the page and drag the cursor down, then select the desired page.

Quick navigation between pages

Press Ctrl and the number of the page to navigate between pages in order.

Store links

The fastest way to store any web page is by selecting the link and dragging it to the Bookmarks bar.
Open a specific page automatically when you log in: If you are browsing the same website every time you turn on your computer, you can set your browser to automatically open sites that you want to browse every time, or reopen the pages you closed the last time.

Play videos

You can use your browser to play videos like any media player by right-clicking on the clip and selecting Open with and then selecting Google Chrome.
Family Control: Chrome allows you to create membership for your children, so you can follow them and keep an eye on them.


You can count numbers by typing them in the address bar after opening Google and you’ll see the result immediately.

Quick translation

Translate any word or section with a single click using the Google Translate add-on for your browser.

Zoom in and out

Press Ctrl and the + or – buttons.

Delete archive

To delete the entire archive in addition to cookies, press Shift-Ctrl-Delete.